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Nobel Journal of Health Sciences (NJHS) is an official journal of Nobel Medical College. It is a peer-reviewed, tri-annual journal which has its publications every four months, i.e. April-August-December. NJHS is an indexed journal; being cataloged in some of the notable ones including NepJOL, DOAJ, and under process for many more. It is an open access journal that can be viewed online at www.Njhsnepal.org or https://www.nepjol.info/index.php/Njhs. The purpose of this journal is to serve as a platform to all the faculties, and other researchers to publish their articles and inform the authors of the new researches being conducted in various medical fields.

Why choose NJHS for your next publication?

Punctuality in Publication : As discussed above, NJHS publishes a new issue every four months and we have not missed a single deadline so far. Punctuality in publication is often considered a challenging job in journal management of which we have lived up to the expectations of everybody.

Highly functional Editorial Board : NJHS has a weekly board meeting in which all the articles are discussed. The concurrent issues are conferred and suggestions are made by the board members which are then implemented thoroughly. Recently NJHS has completed its 100th weekly meeting which shows the dedication and effort put by each board member throughout this time.

Double Blinded Peer Review Process : Journals in Nepal are often criticized of the favoritism and biasness in their publications. Often reviewers know the authors and vice versa that deliberately creates a certain amount of favoritism and biasness. To avoid such problems, NJHS holds a double-blinded peer review process. We make sure that our reviewers do not know the name of authors (or their institutions) whose articles they are reviewing and the authors never know who reviewed their article. This step helps NJHS reduce the biasness and prejudices during the review process.

Plagiarism in Articles : One of the areas NJHS stands out from the crowd of medical journals in Nepal is the plagiarism check involved in the article publications. NJHS stand firm when it comes to plagiarism and has a baseline of a maximum of 20% plagiarism for acceptance of articles. During our short history, we have learned that lot of authors have little to no idea about plagiarism. NJHS has educated many authors about the plagiarism issues and made aware to several authors about the consequences of plagiarism in their article. NJHS has also rejected a number of articles on the grounds of plagiarism.

Ranked by NepJOL : NJHS has recently been recognized by NepJOL through star ranking its performance for its pursuance of quality and excellence in publication. NepJOL is one of the major indexing bodies in Nepal who based on the improvement made by NJHS in this very short period of time, have already listed us as the upcoming Medical Journal of Nepal .